Artist Services

Pianists who perform with major orchestras demand the finest instruments, technically prepared to the most exacting standards. They demand the best ... Steinway & Sons.

As the sole representative for Steinway & Sons in the region, Jacobs Music provides instruments and technical services for hundreds of these events each year. Whether you are a concert pianist or are looking for a fine instrument for a private concert or formal affair, Jacobs Music can provide a full selection of instruments and comprehensive related services.

International and local concert pianists rely solely on Jacobs Music to provide instruments and technical services for their performances. From aiding the artist in selecting the right instrument to transporting and preparing the piano to the exacting standards of both Jacobs and Steinway & Sons, we provide comprehensive service. All the artist is left to think about is the performance!

In recognition of the exceptional service that Jacobs provides, we received Steinway's coveted Concert and Artist Award. This award is given to the one representative in the Americas that provides the highest level of concert service. By receiving this award, Jacobs Music became the best of the best, and this is reflected in all of our concert services.

Many of these services are for major musical venues such as the Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music and the Mann Music Center. When available, these same select instruments are offered to the general public for concert rental, even when you are not in a concert hall. Don't be surprised to see a Jacobs Music Steinway at the next recital or private affair you attend. Excellent sound is our signature!



If you would like the guests at your next private concert to thrill to the gorgeous sounds of these same prestigious, concert-ready instruments, simply contact the Concert and Artist department at (215)-658-0632 to discuss availability and scheduling.