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Piano Tuning and Repair

From the run-of-the mill sticking key to the intricacies of concert voicing and regulation, Jacobs Music can manage all levels of piano tuning and repair. We field a large staff of technical experts, all of whom have undergone intensive training, much of it at Steinway's factory. Each of our technicians can address your service requirements to the most exacting standards. 

Your instrument should be tuned at least twice a year. Pianos that are heavily used or in rooms where there are changes in temperature and humidity require more frequent tuning. In addition to tuning, our technicians will evaluate your instrument and make you are aware of any other needs that it may require. Whether your piano requires a routine pitch raise, voicing to change its tone, regulation or any service, our technicians will meet your needs. Many of these repairs can even be accomplished during your tuning appointment.

Our elite staff of technicians perform repairs and tuning at the area's major music venues, including the Academy of Music and the Mann Music Center. They will handle your instrument with the same care and attention. Whether you purchased your piano from Jacobs or not, you can rely on our technicians to keep it in excellent shape in order to preserve it and to provide musical enjoyment for you and your family for years to come.